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Them Unique Pixies

There can only be thousands!
key features

What Are the Unique Pixies?

A unique pixie is a little pixel art character you can own (little, pixel, pixie, get it?), with blockchain'd proof of ownership. They are delivered within a frame, with a background, at a 512*512 resolution, and they just LOVE to cosplay (oh, and probably there are zombies among them).

15 000 pixies have been generated, and among them stand the mythical Gilded Epic Unique Ones which come with their own gold frame and a "unique' mention, so you know you actually got a Gilded Epic Unique One, because it bears mentioning. 

If you fancy owning one, you can scroll down this site to learn more, or go directly to this medium post that explains everything.

Also, spoiler, you can get them for free.

Collectibles? Again? 


Yes. Because why not? Look at how goofy they are? JUST LOOK AT THEM!


  • There could have been 3.5 billion
  • Some of them are just ridiculous
  • They are all Non Fungible Tokens


  • 15k Pixel characters NFTs
  • You really own them for real
  • 28 Gilded Epic Unique Ones!

Get your own!

So, well, that's actually pretty simple. Get on xDay, get on Unique.One, get them all and do as you please with them. After all they'll belong to you!

Learn how to get one here, get one, celebrate! 

Also, JUST SAYING, but they're free.

Only on XDAI


What can I say? Little cute adorable goofy and sometimes nightmare inducing pixel characters need to feed on fast transactions. 



  • Claim your pixie here
  • It starts on the 10th of March 2021

Proudly Endorsed by the lovely people behind those projects:






Where to get those pixies? 

The Airdrop phase has started already, but you still can get some on Unique.One, under the UniquePixies category!

Talk to the Unique.One  team here Telegram

Visit Unique.One

Follow the team here TwitterMediumInstagram

Too many, because in the end there was north of 3,5 BILLION possible combinations ("You'll never use those math thingies", they said...). Some more cackling later, I thought about implementing some rarity for some parts.


And then I found Unique One's team, who was all around awesome. If you look at their content you'll see a racoon with an accent in one of their video, that's me. We played around with idea and thought 'we can do something with this'. 

Well. This racoon can tell you one thing: you don't spit in the face of Serendipity. First of because that's dirty and what with all the COVID-19 going around, but also because that's a chance of sharing the giggles with more people, on the cheap, too. 

So that's it. You started to read about pixel and there's my life, and I, being poor, have only my dreams, I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. That was Yeats, and that is all. 

~This Racoon.

And now some ramblings

Basically, I wanted to create little characters and I started to draw them part by part. Of course I played mixed and match and I found it funny to get a skeleton with shades and a wizard hat. Oh, how I laughed. 

So, after I reassured my family about the cackling and no I wasn't going insane just yet, I made, like, a boatload of other parts and a developer friend helped with programmatically generating the characters...

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